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Working Dogg Supply Co. was opened in August of 2017 located in Lubbock, Texas. We provide our customers with dog supplies, food, supplements, etc throughout the U.S. We take the most pride in our products provided and are always open for input to improve our products or customer experience. 


Custom Leather Work

100% leather dog collars and harnesses are hand made in store. From different prints, dyes, spikes, rhinestones, and name plates can be added to make a collar or harness very creative. Any damages will be able to be fixed in store, but depending on the type of damage will determine the cost. 


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Come see us at Working Dogg Supply Co! Offering foods by Sportmix, Maximum Bully, Valu-Pak, Nutri-Source, Inukshuk, and more!! A dog supply store for all breeds!